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Demolition Services on Long Island

Our demolition services on Long Island include the removal of both residential and commercial structures. Services include site clearing, demolition, excavation, debris removal and much more. Our team, supported by state-of-the-art equipment, can handle any project in scale or complexity. We assess the structure, then use specialized tools and techniques for demolition. We strictly comply with all local regulations and safety standards to ensure the safety of our workers and the public. Our experienced team will performyour demolition job quickly, efficiently and effectively.


Looking for trustworthy and proficient demolition on Long Island? Look no further than Russo Development Enterprises! Our team boasts years of expertise in the field and possesses the skills necessary to tackle the most challenging of assignments. Safety, excellence, and punctual completion are our top priorities, ensuring that you always receive exceptional outcomes. Whether you require the complete removal of large structures or minor residential buildings, we can handle it all.

Structural Demolition

Selective Demolition


Choose Russo Development Enterprises for your selective structural demolition on Long Island. We boast an impressive track record of successful projects and excel in careful strategizing, eco-friendliness, and swift implementation. Our skilled crew guarantees little interference, adherence to safety protocols, and an unwavering pledge to furnish nothing short of top-notch for all your selective demolition projects.


Choose Russo Development Enterprises for your interior demolition needs. As a leader in demolition services on Long Island, we employ cutting-edge technology and a skilled team of professionals who prioritize efficiency and speed. Our process prioritizes safety and cleanliness, ensuring minimal disruption. Whether it's hand demolition or a full site demolition, RDE is your go-to demolition contractor.

Interior Demolition

Commercial Demolition


Russo Development Enterprises has become a widely-known and popular demolition contractor due to our expertise, state-of-the-art machinery, and skilled workforce. We specialize in undertaking intricate and high-capacity projects, and we assure that all safety guidelines are met, and environmental laws are complied with. Commercial demolition projects can come with considerable obstacles such as managing hazardous substances and unforeseen circumstances, but we have the experience and assets to deal with them efficiently.


Need emergency response demolition? Our unparalleled experience and proficient crew, coupled with cutting-edge tools and technology, enable us to tackle urgent demolitions and full demolition of any structure or building with ease and precision. We manage high-pressure situations and hazardous work environments, ensuring swift and safe completion. That's why we're recognized as a leader ofbuilding demolition services on Long Island.

Emergency Demolition

Why Choose Us

We are a family-owned and operated demolition company going strong for three generations. We're equipped with over 60 state-of-the-art machines, ranging from small Bobcats to heavy-duty Caterpillar front-end loaders and towering 120' high reach excavators. Our extensive fleet also includes top-of-the-line tractor/trailersand roll-off container trucks, making us capable of handling all types of projects from selective to machine demolition, from emergency response demolition to full demolition of buildings. We meet the strictest standards and requirements.Our team is committed to completing every project to the highest standard, every time. With us, you're in good hands.

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What are the 3 types of demolition?

Three types of demolition include full demolition, selective demolition, and emergency response demolition. Full demolition involves removing a building completely and often is necessary for redevelopment purposes. Selective demolition involves taking out certain elements of a building or structure. Emergency response demolition focuses on removing damaged elements from a building that can be caused by fire or other emergency. RDE provides all of these types of building demolition services on Long Island.

What are the steps to demolishing a building on Long Island?

The steps to demolishing a building depend on the type of demolition being conducted. In general, it is best to have an inspection performed to determine the best approach. Common steps in any type of demolition include hazardous material abatement, utilities shut off, debris and debris removal, site remediation, and final site clearance. RDE covers all steps to site demolition on Long Island.

What is selective demolition in construction?

Selective demolition in construction involves the removal of specific elements from a building that are in need of repair or demolition. It is commonly done in renovations and repairs. This type of demolition may also be necessary for architectural modifications and improving the structural integrity of the building. We offer selective structural demolition on Long Island.

What is emergency response demolition?

Emergency response demolition is necessary for any building damage caused by fire, flooding, earthquake, or hazardous materials. This type of demolition often requires a quick response time and can include hazardous material abatement and removal of unsafe or unstable structures. The goal is to reduce the potential damage or harm caused by the incident. We are ready and prepared for emergency response demolition on Long Island.

What is manual demolition vs mechanical demolition?

Manual demolition typically involves workers with demolition tools, while mechanical demolition utilizes heavy machinery. Manual demolition is used when precision is required, because it targets specific structures and elements. Mechanical demolition is typically used for large projects or demolition of entire structures. RDE has manual and mechanical demolition services for full demolition of any structure or building on Long Island. We cover both machine demolition on Long Island and hand demolition on Long Island.