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Mass Excavation Services on Long Island

At Russo Development Services, Inc., we are at the forefront of providing comprehensive mass excavation services to meet the diverse needs of our Long Island clients. We are known for our precision, reliability, and adherence to safety standards. If you are a contractor for major projects requiring extensive earthmoving and site preparation tasks, call us. Whether it's laying the groundwork for new residential communities, commercial real estate, or complex infrastructure projects, our team brings unparalleled expertise to every job.

We are equipped with a fleet of excavation machinery capable of handling projects of virtually any scale. Our services encompass site clearing, digging, grading, and the hauling of materials, ensuring a solid and level foundation for any subsequent construction. We take pride in using strategies that minimize environmental impact, including erosion control and sediment management.

We work closely with clients, engineers, and project managers, guaranteeing that all mass excavation services are completed efficiently, within budget, and on schedule.

  • Land Clearing
  • Material Removal
  • Rock Stabilization and Removal
  • Utility Trench Excavation
  • Foundation Preparation
  • Grading and Compaction

Types of Excavation Used In Construction

Topsoil Excavation

We remove the uppermost layer of soil, primarily composed of organic matter. It's crucial for landscaping or before starting any construction project to make sure the foundation sits on stable ground.

Earth Excavation

This step goes deeper than topsoil removal. This stage of our mass excavation services targets the layers of soil beneath to create space for foundations, basements, and more. Earth excavation is common in building construction and creating embankments.

Rock Excavation

When construction encounters bedrock, rock excavation is necessary. It often requires blasting or heavy machinery. This type of excavation is common in areas with significant natural rock formations.

Muck Excavation

This involves removing excess water and soil mixed together, known as muck. It's particularly challenging because of muck's unstable nature. Improving soil stability before construction often requires muck removal.

Cut and Fill Excavation

Also known as stripping, this part of the process involves removing the material from one area (cut) and using it as fill in another (fill), balancing the site. It's useful for creating level building areas on uneven terrain.

Trench Excavation

This type of mass excavation is digging narrow trenches for the installation of underground utilities, like water, gas, sewer lines, or for laying foundations. It's deeper than it is wide.

Basement Excavation

When constructing a building with a basement, this often goes deeper than standard earth excavation to create space below ground level. It usually requires support systems to prevent collapse.


Dredging is removing sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. It's important for maintaining waterway navigability and for underwater construction projects.

All projects are different, so contact us to discuss the mass excavation services your Long Island company needs.

Why Choose Us for Excavation Services?

Choose us for a partnership with a family-owned and operated company, certified by the NYC Housing Preservation & Development as part of their Panel of Pre-Qualified Contractors. With an arsenal of over 60 pieces of construction equipment, we guarantee unmatched efficiency and reliability for all mass excavation services on Long Island.

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