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Safety has always been of the utmost importance at RDE. Not only is the prioritization of safety good business practice, RDE considers its employees to be extended family. Many of our employees have worked with us for many years. In fact, we currently, and have previously, employed close family members of many employees over the years, and this all adds to the family feel of our company.

Because of this, RDE has instituted a safety-first culture, where each employee is responsible for the safety of every employee. This culture has led RDE to adopt many practices that have since been employed industry-wide, such as daily safety talks and task-related meetings which take place each time tasks change on a job site even if multiple times during a work shift, and minimum safety training requirements to be allowed to work on an RDE project site.

Many RDE site employees maintain safety training certifications in excess of what is required by government standards because it is important that our workers be able to recognize the many hazards that can arise on a project site. Several of our site employees maintain training certifications such as 62 hour supervisor safety training, 40 Hour HAZWOPER training, asbestos abatement handler certifications, FDNY fire watch and torch burning certifications and flagperson certifications, even though they may or may not actually perform these functions on a project site.

This dedication to safety has led RDE to enjoy the benefit of many successfully completed projects without incident and without injury, leading to many completely satisfied clients and a safety record second to none in our industry. Most importantly, this dedication to safety has led the employees of RDE to enjoy the benefit of returning home safely every night, and to take pride in the fact that they work in a positive, family-oriented workplace where they are encouraged to prioritize the safety of each and every person on the site.